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Memorandum and Articles of association

Home Memorandum and Articles of association

investing in zimbabweThe Memorandum and Articles of Association can be referred to as the constitution of the company. They define the business activities that the company is allowed to do as well as how the administrative affairs of the company are handled. Initially, these are prepared at the stage of incorporating the company but changes can be made at any time by way of a special resolution of the shareholders.

Guided by the Companies Act, VCS has been drafting and amending memoranda and articles of association for many years on behalf of our clients. We have developed capabilities to advise both private and public companies on amendments to their memoranda and articles.

The scope of the changes vary from company to company and will need to be discussed in detail with our consultants in order to establish your specific needs and tailor the changes to your requirements. You are invited to get in touch with us on to find out more.

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