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investing in zimbabweA Seychelles International Trust is a useful vehicle for asset protection and efficient tax planning. Seychelles International Trusts are set up under the International Trusts Act, 1994.

International Trusts are not subject to taxes and confidentiality is ensured as there is no requirement that the Trust Deed be registered nor that the name of the Settlor or Beneficiaries be divulged to the Authorities. Besides the statutory restrictions that the trust should not include property situated in Seychelles there is no restriction on how the trust assets may be invested.

Key Features of an International Trust

Taxation of trust assets None
Double Taxation Treaty access No
Change of Domicile permitted Yes
Limitation period for action against Trustee 2 years from date of establishment of trust
Duration 100 years (except: charitable international trust or a purpose international trust)
 Restriction on Investment of Trust asset No
Exchange control None
Succession As per Trust Deed
Settlor Must be non resident of Seychelles
Property No property situated in Seychelles can be part of the Trust asset
Jurisdiction Seychelles Supreme Court
Forced heirship applicable No
Trust asset  
 Restriction on type/amount No, except property situated in Seychelles
 Minimum number 1 if corporate and 2 or more if not corporate
 Qualification Minimum one Seychellois resident
Requirement to file No
Publicly accessible No
Name of Settlor/Beneficiary Yes
Trustee Deliberation Yes
Trustee exercise of power or duty Yes

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